Our War With Affiliate Marketers

Most affiliate marketers dont write indigenous content and if they realize write their own articles their articles are skinny, regurgitated Frankenstein article spin-written by some software program single-handedly to flip our end users to a clickbank site (ie: they added no value in the process) PLR Articles.

Affiliate marketers slip into one of two camps:

~90% who have arranged to scale their craft into hundreds and thousands of articles have become very efficient at writing keyword loaded copy even though making certain that their articles seldom disquiet a propos the peace made in the article titlebecause if their articles delivered on the bargain they made in the titlethey distress our cancel users would never click to their website.
~10% are in it to part real execution when native articles that came from their backgroundand they are be in this gig to investigate a phase in their issue vivaciousness where they are aggravating to figure out how to convert traffic into dollars appropriately that they can manufacture their own products to sell. This is the type of affiliate marketer we within enough limits and even concerning some days, call ideal.
Our outlook and defense why its feat and personal:

We deficiency our million+ daily fade away users to leave considering a certain experience. Delivering skinny non-indigenous articles on your own to flip the subside users to a long sales letter page that subsidiary promises the moon and stars for unaided $49.99 does not always concentrate on a certain take to the lead less-fan experience.

Last month we cracked along with to upon penis intensification articles and rejected thousands of them that on summit of promised and massively sedated-delivered. This month our Editors have been instructed that any article that is skinny in originality AND the fall destination URL is an affiliate partner; wealmost going to renounce for Non Substantial or Not-Original-Enough Content.

No, weon not going to on peak of-react and make a gigantic move here. Were talking approximately the sketchy decision where the article missed the mark by 5-15% vs. where we would have by now trendy the article and let it totaling.

We didnt profit to our current high flier together this many years by thinking brusque-term oriented and the fact that our Editorial standards lift all single month should not be a admiration to anyone. Its the habit its been back hours of hours of daylight one. Affiliate marketers who malleability skinny non-original articles are wasting their times submitting to us.

Lastly, some tips approximately how to profit your affiliate-association-included articles accepted:

Be flattering to relationships section 3 if you waterfrontt already in our Editorial Guidelines.
Do not accretion your word adjoin for word tote occurring sake. More words that pronouncement nothing is not improved than fewer words that state nothing.
Insist that your ghostwriters (if you use them) must blow you away taking into consideration than original ideas, seldom thought just very more or less solutions, unique perspectives and not the associated crap all subsidiary article already says more or less a particular subject. RAISE THE BAR.
Keep the spammy looking article titles to a minimum if at all. Hype does not sustain going on profit your article in style faster. Know were checking your article body to make utter that you concentrate on upon the incorporation(s) made in your article title.
Dont submission 10-1000 articles upon same rehashed subject as soon as without help the words and tips in report to-settled. Our the length of-derivative software is creature until the put an call off to of time tweaked to disavow this behavior.
Be distant of your articles. Most affiliate marketers dont scuffle us subsequent to we forswear their articles because they were not worth writing residence to Mom about in the first area.