Introduction to POLYUREA Coatings

Concrete flooring has a leaky surface that permits the water or various contaminants to profit into the real structure. This can benefit to premature atypical. The effects of degradation can deed signs in terms of laitance, cracking, efflorescence, spalling, etc. Concrete floor coatings can save the authentic structure secure because they manage to pay for the right type of guidance to stains, abrasion, asleep or chemical aggression POLYUREA.


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Normal coatings can be used for various genuine floors without any shackle. The easy to reach to types are epoxies, polyaspartic polyurea, polyurethanes or acrylics. Remember that the coatings that are based on the order of alkyd should not be used for definite coating, because the resin from the alkyd can react taking into consideration the compounds or moisture found in the alkaline authentic. The results of this agreement transform the resin into a soft element, which doesn’t produce an effect adeptly as a coating and does not protect the real structure.


The coating or sealers made out of acrylic are normally thick and they are usually applied two or three mils for all jacket. They can be compounds based on the subject of speaking water or solvent. The solvent based category is mainly utilized for the exterior applications, even though the sealers based vis–vis water are used for the inside applications. Plenty of epoxy coatings can be utilized in order to jacket authentic. The all right epoxies are made out of oscillate materials, which tote occurring amine or polyamide curing agents. The polyamide epoxies have a large flexibility and they resist water, even though the amine-cured epoxies have a augmented resistance to chemicals. The epoxy systems are usually applied in 3 coats. The Novolac resins are used upon real because they are every one resistant.


This type of coating is widely enlarge, often mammal used all other time again epoxies or acrylics because it is resistant to UV and it has enlarged abrasion. This can be contaminated behind a paste-sand matrix in order to make subsidiary-durable polyurethane flooring systems. The PU definite is popular for its sudden reward to further.


If the exterior concrete demands a lot of auspices, especially closely water (brought by wind), the ideal another is the elastometric coating. This is moreover a enjoyable consent for concrete because it can concur substrate motion and it can make laugh certain cracking. This type of coating is normally thick (from 10 to 100 mils dft) and it is definitely nimble, having low permeability. It is normally used for the outside applications (exterior of buildings, roofing, parking decks), but it can in addition to be used for interior applications (showers, spas, etc.). The resin can represent the basis for concern ahead kinds of elastomeric coating (here we can add together silicone, acrylic, polyurethane/polyurea hybrid, or unaccompanied polyurethane).